Upgrade and Save

If you are already running after market suspension on your car we want you switch to NEOs and compare!

Feedback from people who have tried other systems is valuable to us so we offer a Basic trade in program to help you make the change to your race car.

Send us pictures of your setup and you could be eligible to save $200 off of any NEO MOTORSPORTS COIL OVERS .

We know that sometimes cheaper options get installed to keep budgets low, but when seconds count, dialed suspension is the fastest way to the winners circle. If you are looking to switch from any other major coil over company to NEO Motorsport we want to help you save the effort selling online by allowing you to trade in your old hardware for huge savings. This also allows us to keep our eye on the competition and gives us a chance to contribute to the environment by seeing to it that all old parts are properly recycled and that noting goes to waste.

Upgrade today and save.