About Us

NEO Motorsport was officially founded in 2011 by a group of car enthusiasts from a variety of professions, including industrial design, business, and engineering. In 2006 they started as a grassroots car meet and racing community led by Alexandros Nikoletsos and Wei C. Lin that frequented Canadian racetracks and became unsatisfied with offerings of performance aftermarket parts in the market at the time. In 2007 they began research and development of their own products using modern CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) methods. In 2011, the group debuted as NEO Motorsport at the annual SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show.


NEO Motorsport offers aftermarket automotive brake and suspension systems that range from upgraded street use to racing specific.

The suspension systems focus on twin tube coilover designs. The first-generation NEO Motorsport coil over system started with the Type BB/DP/RG in 2011 and continued production until 2018. These three types were made with a steel body and an emphasis on value with an upgraded street feel, differing from each other only on levels of adjust-ability. The Type AA was produced as a successor after 2 years of development. This second-generation coil over was designed to be ultra light weight while enhancing durability and performance compared to the first generation. It is an all aluminum construction design, the materials tested for stress with CAD and produced with CAM to ensure the quality and rightness from design sheets to physical product remained the same. Completed prototypes were used in endurance racing across North America. 

Our brake components designed alongside the suspension systems, feature a two-piece forged aluminum fixed caliper design with two-piece rotors. Along with aiming to be the stiffest calipers on the market, the brake components focused on durability and brake confidence, designed to be rigid with caliper profiling based on simulated stress tests which put them through all temperature ranges.

We also specializes in custom catered bespoke big brake kits and suspension systems that are optimized depending on the individual user’s application from street to racing use. They work on a case to case basis with custom fitments on specific vehicles.