Brake Pads

Brake Pads


1. Friction Material 
2. Thermal Under-layer
3. Steel Backplate
4. Anti-noise Isolator / Thermal Divider


P1 Race Pad

NEO Motorsport's new P1 brake pad high torque compound that's designed to have a higher initial torque bite than normal race pads.

The P1 brake pads' unique characteristic allows the friction to increase as the temperature increase as well.  Intended for sprint racing and time attack usage, this pad has excellent modulation that allows the driver to have confidence in the brake lap after lap and not worry about brake fading.  


-Aggressive Initial Bite with High Torque Initiation

-Wide Temperature Operating Range between 300°F and 1400°F

-High Temperature Fade Resistance (up to 1400°F)

-Ideal for Professional Sports Car Racing, Club Racing, High Horsepower Vehicles

-Carbon-Metallic Composition

P1 Competition Pads

Working Temperature
302 ~ 1472 degree F 

Friction Coefficient
0.38~0.61 u



SP600 Street Pad

NEO Motorsport's SP600 brake pads are designed and tailored to track enthusiasts who seek race-level performance pads for track days while keeping the same pads for everyday driving as well.

SP600 utilizes a unique asbestos-free metallic-ceramic composite that is developed for sporty driving.  This unique formula offers a great initial brake bite and keeping its modulation during the entire brake cycle.  Under normal driving, this formula will last 3x longer than conventional brake pads.

NEO SP600 brake pad is the perfect upgrade for any driver who seeks repetitive consistent braking for their every day "track” car.

-Designed to work with Factory ABS System

-Modulated Brake Formula Design

-Consistent performance in hot or cold conditions

-Extended pad wear for 50,000km under normal operation.

-Metallic-Ceramic Composition

SP600 Street / Track Pads

Working Temperature
212  ~ 1112 degree C

Friction Coefficient
0.38~0.51 u