NEO Type DD [Dual Adjustable] Coilover - MAZDA MX-5 (ND) 2016 - Present

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TYPE DD [Dual Adjustable] 2-Way Coilover

Experience the ALL-NEW Type DD Coilover suspension from NEO Motorsport.  Due to the demand for a higher level of damper performance from MX-5 owners, we have created a 2-way adjustable damper that allows the driver to fully dial in the compression and tension of the damper.  Its specially derived valve allows the pistons to behave digressively at full soft and linearly at full hard.  


1) Dual Digressive-Linear Shock Piston for comparable adjustment. 
2) 30 position damper adjustment (adjustable compression, adjustable tension)
3) Spherical Bearing Top Mout
4) Spring Pre-Load adjustable


Digressive-Linear shocks valving is the next big advance in shock technology. It allows for a comfortable OE style valving at a soft setting while providing a sporty linear ride when dialed into the hard setting for optimal track handling.  As shaft velocity increases, damping forces increase at a linear rate. On a shock dyno graph both compression and rebound damping appear as approximately straight lines diverging from each other as shaft velocity (or force exerted on the shock) increases. This style of shock has been a boon for racers because it allows increased control at lower shaft speeds, which is vital for controlling a race car through the corners.


Spring Rate
Front - 560 lbs/in (10 kg/mm) 
Rear- 336 lbs/in (6 kg/mm) 


Weight Total - 27.2 lbs (12.3 kg)
Weight Front per - 7.2 lbs (3.3 kg)
Weight Rear per - 9.6 lbs (4.4 kg) 

Front Spring Length - 7.0 inches (180 mm)
Front Shock Body Length - 8.3 inches (210 mm) 
Front Stroke Length - 6.7 inches (170 mm)
Rear Spring Length - 8.0 inches (205 mm)
Rear Shock Body Length - 9.7 inches (247 mm)
Rear Stroke Length - 6.8 inches (173mm)

** Please Note. Type-DD Coilovers are BUILT TO ORDER.  We custom build your coilover once you submit your order.  Lead time is 14~17 business days. **

If you are not sure if we have an application for your car, don't hesitate and call us at 1-800-857-2065. Our representative will be able to assist with all your questions.