Two Piece Rotors


NEO 2-Piece Rotors

NEO Two-Piece Rotors stand heads and shoulders above single-piece OEM rotors in performance and reliability. Sitting on average 27% lighter than standard issue rotors, with rings highly resilient to cracks and warping even under extreme thermal stress, and an innovative surface-cutting design, the NEO Two-Piece Rotors prove to be the definitive choice.

2-Piece Rotors Heat Dissipation
NEO Two-Piece Rotors feature:

1./ Lightweight Aluminum Rotor Hub

Rotor Hat

The black-hard anodized and heat-treated rotor hubs machined from forged T6061 aluminum reduce unsprung and spinning weight while providing a more effective heat sink for high stress heat dissipation. Along with the weight reduction, the Two-Piece Rotor design benefits from lower life time running costs due to the hub not needing to be replaced when the rotor ring’s life comes to a close.

2./ Precision Manufactured Cast Iron Rotor Rings

2-Piece Rotor Rings

Held to precise specifications, our dynamically balanced and precision parallel ground rotor rings are constructed out of ISO200 Grey Cast Iron. Undergo extensive heat treatment, the discs stay stable even at the most extreme temperatures, minimizing the possibility of cracks or warping. A wider expanding curved internal cooling vane combined with the open face design allows for higher volumes of axial air flow lending to greater cooling properties. The rotor is then finished with a tough Black Electrophoretic Deposition Coating (EPD) to further build resistance to extreme temperatures and rusting. All these procedures lead to increased rotor life and maximized performance. To complete the rotor rings, the surface features an innovative cut design that ensures optimal brake pad contact with the rotor. The long cut keeps the surface clean and ensures evenness with every sweep while the smaller cut acts as both a rotor life indicator and to prevent gas build-up between the two friction surfaces.

3./ Zinc Coated, 10.9 Grade Steel Alloy Hardware 


Heavy duty fastening hardware include:

-Heat treated M6 & M8 slot nuts

-Dicromated & tempered Grade 10.9 steel alloy bolts

Being larger than the majority of our competitor’s fasteners, our hardware yields higher tensile strength, a critical factor when putting high pressures on crucial systems such as braking.