Torque Specification

Brake Torque Specification

Banjo bolt 15ft-lbs
Bleed Screws and Crossover lines 10 ft-lbs
Caliper bolts (to join the two caliper halves) 21 ft-lbs
Mounting bolts (to bolt adapter to vehicle spindle) 45-50 ft-lbs
Caliper bolts (to bolt caliper to adapter) 35-40 ft-lbs

Two-Piece Rotor Torque Specification

Proper torque specification is required to ensure proper functions on NEO two-piece rotors. The rotors have been assembled and manually checked with a torque wrench prior to shipment. Over tightening the hardware beyond the specification is just as dangerous as under-tightening and can result in product failure.

The recommended torque for the hardware is 96~120 in-lb (8~10 ft-lb)

Coilover Torque Specification

Top Mount Bolt (inc. Pillow Ball Mount) 40 ft-lbs
Camber Plate Bolt 6.5~7.7 ft-lbs (8.8 ~ 10.4 N-m )
Strut Top Bolt 13~15 ft-lbs
Lower Mount Bolt 125~140 ft-lbs