When it comes to rear brake usage, NEO Motorsport has developed a special caliper for enthusiast seeking to maximize rear stopping performance. This caliper features advanced internal cooling design allowing minimal air flow required to properly cool the caliper caused from heavy brake usage. Designed to work in conjunction with any of our F400 and F500 series calipers, R400 series caliper is the answer to your braking needs.

Product Overview

-For road and racing use
-Made from solid aluminum alloy billet
-Extra hard anodized (powder coating option available)
-Titanium pistons (optional) w/ inner multi-piston seals

Recommended For

Performance Street Car / Drift Cars /
GT-Class Race Car

Weight 2106~2198 grams  

Recommended Rotor Size: 330-356mm.
Pad Area: 4000 mm²
Disc Depth: 400mm  

Piston Size: 28mm + 28mm = 1231mm² total area per side (R404)