How to choose calipers

Key factors for choosing calipers

Caliper / Rotor Gaping

Every caliper is designed with different gaps in mind. When considering your optimal brake setup, it is important to keep in mind the thickness of the brake disc to ensure proper gaping. Some NEO calipers work for different rotor surface width (usually 50mm and 60mm).

Piston Number. 4 vs 6 vs 8.

In theory, the more piston surface area, the more brake pressure. However, different piston sizes and position yield different brake pedal response.

While 4 piston setup offer less surface area than a 6, it provides better initial brake bite from the equal size pistons versus 6 piston caliper which is more modular due to staggered piston positioning. However, the downside to 4 pistons caliper is it has more stress factors on the caliper itself. Generally the more piston, the better the pressure is distributed across the brake pad. Thus yielding better cooling action of the bads as more airflow gets behind the pads.

Piston Size

For each of our calipers, we offer different piston sizes ranging from 28mm to 38mm in diameter. At anytime, if you are uncertain about what's the most suitable piston size for your application, our technical department will be happy to assist you in selecting the right combination based on the size of the master cylinder.