NEO Motorsport True-Forged Wheel Spacers
Set your track with NEO Motorsport Tru-Forged Wheel Spacers.
Go wider with NEO Motorsport Tru-Forged Wheel Spacers.  Wheel spacers is a simple an effective way to upgrade the vehicle chassis and improve vehicle stability.  Wider vehicle tracks means your car can handle better and gives you an aggressive exotic look.  Our precision fit hub-centric design ensures perfect fitment and peace of mind when fitted to your high performance vehicle.  Use it as a quick tool for track days to improve lap times.  Whether you are on the way to work or battling on the track, you can always depend on NEO for optimal chassis control. 
  • High Strength Aluminum-Magnesim Construction.
  • 100% Fitment Hub-Centric Design
  • Heat treated for enhanced strength
  • 10.9 Grade Hardwares for Maximum Strength
  • Decromet Treated Hardwares for Maximum Corrosion Resistance. 
Available in 15, 20, 25 mm
SCS Type Tru-Forged Wheel Spacer

SCS Type wheel spacers are bolt on type adapters designed for vehicles for wheel bolts with threated studs.  The hub-centric design guarantees 100% precision fitment.  The wheel spacer is mounted to the wheel hub and secured onto factory wheel stud with the provided hardware.  The wheel is then mounted onto the wheel spacer's threaded studs to add width to the track.