//Type RG [Racing Green]

After years of involvement in pro-level motorsports, our research and development has resulted in the track-focused Type RG kit.  This coilover suspension is everything an avid motorsport driver wants by delivering total grip and improved handling capabilities through a sport-tuned spring rate and shock dampening combination.  If you are looking to spike your adrenaline behind the wheel, smash lap records, or get a standing cheer as you link corners together drifting sideways, the Type RG will deliver. 




  • 32-way damping adjustable (compression / bound)
  • Heavy Duty Spherical Bearing
  • Extra thick (10mm) camber plate (on strut-type suspension)
  • Large (25 mm) piston diameter
  • Spring preload adjustable
  • Steel shock shell construction
  • Aluminum body construction
  • Twin-Tube internal design
  • 1-year manufacturer defect warranty.


1-year manufacturer defect warranty.

Rg Race Green, racing ready coilovers give you more tuning than dynamic or basics.

Offering adjustable rebound, height and camber plates and heavy duty spherical bearing inserts. These high quality coilovers give the user a more resilient top hat that uses a spherical bearing that is mounted in a urethane damper that will eliminate unwanted suspension noise and create a stiffer more harmonically tuned feel but a softer more solid sound and ride. When traditional uppers get damaged it’s because they take hits sideways and using a spherical bearing eliminates that kind of damage seen in rubber mount bushings. These track ready Coilovers are ready to take as much abuse as you can give them, but are a firmer and louder ride than DP or BB lines.



Track side support is available for all RACING setups.

This by quote service includes on site on setup and adjustment.

This service will ensure Ideal weight distribution at all four corners and track specific tuning that will shave time off your lap times. Certified Neo Tuners will come ready to teach you everything you need to know to react to changes in track conditions and car behavior in the future. This is not for the faint of heart. Pricing available by special quote based on venue and travel costs. 

** This product line has been discontinued.  Online store pricing is the clearance price. Only in-stock items will be listed.  Use Coupon Code "CLEARANCE" to receive an extra 10% Discount at check-out for an extended discount for Black Friday 2020.**

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