Titanium Piston Insert Set (6 Pot)

Regular price ¥3,510.00

These Titanium piston upgrades are expensive but are worth more than their weight in gold on a racecar. 

When every gram counts, and fractions of seconds mean the difference between winning and losing these details matter more than many people would expect. Reducing the weight of the original part by approximately half, these ultralight inserts will prolong brake life and resist wear better than our high performance steel inserts. 

More importantly they will also assist your suspension with quicker reaction to bumps and uneven road surfaces.  Dropping the unsprung weight inside the wheels allows our suspension parts to do their job better and when every gram counts, These kits can make a huge difference in handling, braking and reducing lap times. Titanium also resist the transfer of heat better than most other metals and helps to prevent the brake fluid being warmed up as much as traditional brake pistons. 

Titanium piston sets have a Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating. This coating is harder than the metal beneath it and is designed with high heat and low friction properties in mind. These high performance upgrades are tested and proved to reduce friction and increase caliper and seal life.

While the benefits are all there, the cost of these little guys is prohibitive for most drivers. Due to the price of high quality Titanium and manufacturing processes we do not mark up these kits. Reducing the price as much as possible to encourage more race teams to use them.

(Please provide us with your Caliper Serial Numbers if you are ordering these after obtaining your brake kit so we can be sure to send the correct sizes.)

This kit included 12 pistons custom sized to a PAIR of 6 POT NEO Motorsports calipers.