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NEO Motorsport Front Big Brake Kit for Nissan 350Z / Infiniti G35

NEO Motorsport

Despite the Nissan 350Z factory is equipped with Brembo calipers, the braking power is not enough for any avid track enthusiast would know the importance of stopping when trying to reduce lap times.  The NEO F500 Series caliper is the solution to annoying brake problem for the Nissan 350Z.  The Gran Touring speced forged aluminum alloy body provides weight saving advantage and multi-piston action to ensure excellent brake paddle feel.  The 14" rotor upgrade ensures your car stops when it needs to under any condition.  


F500 Series Caliper
Weight 2816~2917 grams  

Pad Area: 7734 mm²
Disc Depth: 560mm  
Piston Size: 32mm+36mm + 38mm = 2956mm² total area per side (F501)
Piston Size: 28mm+30mm+ 32mm + 36mm = 3144mm² total area per side (F503)


NEO Motorsport Big Brake Kit.

  • 2x NEO 2-piece 14" Rotors
  • 2x NEO F500 Series Forged Aluminum Brake Caliper
  • 4x NEO SP600 Brake Pads
  • 2x NEO Stainless Steele Brakelines
  • 2x Caliper Adapter
  • 1x Hardware Kit


** Please Note: 14" Rotor Kits require 18" wheel diameter to clear the brake package
** Not sure if it will clear your wheel? Download this brake clearance template to check if it interferes with your current wheel setup.  Or manually paste the web address below if the link does not work properly