NEO Motorsport Type RG [Racing Green] Coilover Suspension

Type RG [Racing Green]

//Type RG [Racing Green]

NEO’s involvement in Formula D, DMCC and KOE has lead us to develop the Type RG coilover kit. This model is specifically developed for the avid driver who seek total grip while going sideways. Spring rate and damping force were specially tuned to increase the car’s control in absurd situations. On McPherson strut type suspension, a 10mm thick camber plate is incorporated to fine tune the car’s handling characteristic.


  • 32 way damping adjustable (compression / bound)
  • Heavy Duty Spherical Bearing
  • Extra thick (10mm) camber plate (on strut type suspension)
  • Large (25 mm) piston diameter
  • Spring preload adjustable
  • Steel shock shell construction
  • Aluminum body construction
  • Twin-Tube internal design
  • 1-year manufacture defect warranty.


1-year manufacture defect warranty.








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