Top Mounts

All of our systems allow you to switch between high feedback spherical bearing top mounts, aluminum top mounts and traditional rubber uppers. This allows race teams to control the amount of feedback, vibration and noise as they see fit. We suggest the Rubber mounted spherical bearings on all our lines  to provide the most feedback possible from the suspension while reducing sideways impact that tears mounts apart. While these mounts are our thickest and cost some height adjustability they are well worth it as this is the most common point of failure in most coilover systems and our extra thick rubber surrounds and heavy duty high end bearings are ready for anything you can throw at them. These top mounts will outlast anything you've seen before and offer a rigid predictable ride with great isolation and vibration dampening. While solid mounts are available, We find these to be the best balance of performance and comfort available today.

While we are aware of the Lowering limitations of thick bearing guards we maintain that they provide the longest life and the best in ride quality. While we know that some people may be installing coilovers for aesthetics alone, we are not a stance only company. All of our products are ready for the track and never compromise performance for the sake of style.

On cars with macpherson suspension setups adjustable camber plates also allow a driver to get the perfect alignment without having to abide by the default suspension measurements of the manufacturer by placing the struts in the stock position rather than one that allows them to travel better and more inline with the forces being produced. We aim to provide you with the most variables possible to create the best geometry possible for your system. Bump stops and dust boots are installed on all setups and are available in our parts store for rebuilds at anytime.

Our upper mounts are available for other suspension setups as well. If you can take some measurements of the threads and rod thickness on your current setup we can help you choose between 3 collet sizes we have available which will work with just about anything else from reputable manufacturers. As top mounts have more need for replacement than other suspension components we sell these replacements to help reduce noise in old systems but if you are looking to upgrade please check our Upgrade and Save deal on all aftermarket suspension.


OEM Style Top Mount (SS/GT) (INDIVIDUAL )

Top Mount Camber Plate Assembly INDIVIDUAL 

4 Camber plates with Spherical bearings installed and custom inserts for all suspension sizes