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Motorsport Contingency Programs

In the past four years, NEO Motorsport has supported hundreds of fellow racers and drifters by sponsoring and participating in regional races, pro and pro-am drifting and numerous sanctioned motorsport events. Through our contingency program and on track support, no other company is as eager as we are to make your racing dreams come true. 

2016 NEO Motorsport x Midwest Drift Union - Driver Support Program


2016 NASA Regional Contingency


2016 Drift Contingency Program


2016 Global Time Attack Contingency Program



2015 NASA Regional Contingency Program

For American Iron, Camaro/Mustang Challenge, German Touring Series, Honda Challenge, Performance Touring, Super Touring/Super Unlimited, Time Trial, American Iron Extreme.

2015 SCCA U.S. Majors Tour Contingency Program

Award claim form: Claim now

2015 Time Attack Contingnecy Program

For all GTA PRO CHAMPIONSHIP, GTA PRO AM time attack drivers, you may start applying for the 2015 Neo Contingency.

2015 Drifting Contingency Program

2015 Drifting Contingency Program details are out. Get up to $400 CASH or $600 in product credits based on your performance! BIGGEST Payout in the industry!