Brake Pads


When it comes to hitting the track, we at NEO know that some builds require the best of the best in braking performance when in pole position pursuit, meanwhile other builds are so fun-loving that we want to drive everyday, but still being able to hit the track on the weekends. We also know that these are two very different demands we are asking of our braking systems.

That's why we developed two distinct pads, the P1 Race Pad & the SP600 Street Pad.

The P1 Race Pad for those pushing the very limits of their braking systems, and the SP600 Street Pad for the enthusiast that relies on the same consistency from their braking system be it under track stress or cruising on road pavement.

Brake Pads


1. Friction Material 
2. Thermal Under-layer
3. Steel Backplate
4. Anti-noise Isolator / Thermal Divider


P1 Race Pad

Driver confidence in their braking systems is paramount when diving into corners at speeds well above what the average person can take. Speeds that put you above the pack, and most certainly necessary for pole position. With a torque bite higher than other race pads, and a unique characteristic that allows friction to increase as the braking temperature increases, the P1 Race Pad could readily take that pole position pressure you throw at it and stop it dead, when you need it- Every time.


Developed with sprint racing and time attack in mind, the NEO P1 Race Pad gives drivers the confidence to push their limits lap after lap without the incessant worry of the brakes fading on them.


-Aggressive Initial Bite with High Torque Initiation

-Wide Temperature Operating Range between 300°F and 1400°F

-High Temperature Fade Resistance (up to 1400°F)

-Ideal for Professional Sports Car Racing, Club Racing, High Horsepower Vehicles

-Carbon-Metallic Composition

P1 Competition Pads

Working Temperature
302 ~ 1472 degree F 

Friction Coefficient
0.38~0.61 u



SP600 Street Pad

Tailored for track enthusiasts who seek race level performance pads for the track but need the same consistency for everyday driving, the SP600 utilizes a unique metallic-ceramic  composite developed for both sporty driving and reliability. This formula offers great initial brake bite as well as keeping steady modulation during the entire brake cycle. To top off, under normal driving application the thick compound lasts 3x longer than conventional brake pads.

For the drivers looking for dependability and performance day in & day out, all in one long lasting package, the NEO SP600 is the only option.

-Designed to work with Factory ABS System

-Modulated Brake Formula Design

-Consistent performance in hot or cold conditions

-Extended pad wear for 50,000km under normal operation.

-Metallic-Ceramic Composition

SP600 Street / Track Pads

Working Temperature
212  ~ 1112 degree C

Friction Coefficient
0.38~0.51 u