Our custom wound Neo Motorsport springs are manufactured by a producer of OEM parts for major manufacturers such as  Honda, Toyota, Audi and BMW. While we feel confident in our own spring maker we are aware that many of our customers have brand loyalty to other manufactures so we also offer Eibach Springs as an optional upgrade to all of our race ready coilovers. Every kit’s spring rate is carefully selected based on the weight and handling characteristics of the car it’s made to support. We tune each kit according to OEM front/rear balance and increased stiffness ratings according to your needs but can fine tune this further if special requests are made.

When choosing the perfect springs there are a lot of factors to consider, Some of the most important elements of suspension come from the springs and if the wrong Priorities are in mind when springs as designed ride and predictability can be compromised.

Most manufacturers will focus on few governing factors. First of all they aim to create a consistent spring rate throughout stroke so that the suspension doesn’t surprise people by getting harder or softer as it works. They then try to reduce the number of winds to maintain the largest stroke possible this reduction of material must then be balanced against the durability as they will lose the ability to travel as they add rungs, but will increase the load per square inch as they do. Failing to find the equilibrium between the two will result in less range of travel or easily breakable springs, but getting this just right will ensure that you’ve created a spring that offers the best function while also being the lightest in weight

All of the major manufacturers will tell you that they do their best to achieve these characteristics across their lines, the reality is that many fail to observe how intricate the role of each factor may be to the effectiveness of a coil spring being used in high performance suspension products in race environments.

It is due to the effect of mastering the art of winding springs has on our suspension that has lead us to seek out the best spring winders in the world. Our suppliers have been winding industrial springs for many decades and have tried everything to come to the conclusions they have about the science behind our springs. We’ve tested them against many other providers and have never seen springs that stand up to as much abuse or that maintain their ride and size for as long. While all springs eventually “settle” or “sag” magnesium alloy springs have tested and show much less change over time. Coil diameters and spacing can greatly affect spring rates. Two units may look be similar, but the manufacturing process of springs plays a huge factor in the on track performance and durability.

With suppliers that have been in the race industry since the 1950’s you can count on the culmination of their long-time experience and our Neo Designs coming together to give you the best option found after years of testing mixed with modern manufacturing and styling. When choosing the ideal coil springs, we knew it would be impossible to come up with one best solution for everyone, so instead we choose to deal with some of the best known names in the industry. While our goals include introducing some of the most innovative products in the industry we also recognize that we do not need to reinvent the wheel, or the spring. Instead we found the most desirable options in the world and went back to focusing on Maintaining tire grip though better downforce on the tire.

Our own springs are made of a steel alloy we call "NeoSteel". This composite metal material was developed to bring all the most desirable qualities of a spring to life. Fast reaction speed, Extreme durability, Light weight and able to resist change for as long as possible. This new hybrid element could be used to achieve all the factors listed above. Using this methodology and industry proven winding systems we have spent years trading secrets with other major brands to help bring you a perfect blend of performance and value.

Our springs have been proven the world over while dealing with world class racing leagues and teams of all levels of professionalism. While Neo Motorsports focuses mostly on road racing, we’ve seen great success with our suspension in rally, autocross, gymkhana,  off road dirt series, drifting, and more.