Coilover Warranty & Repair step-by-step


Step 1: Read terms

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Warranty & Repair at the bottom of the page. And by submitting Repair / Warranty request in the step 2, the customer have read, understood and agree with the Terms and Conditions.


Step 2: Gather info and email us

The customer should provide the following information and send to

  1. Your contact info including full name, phone number and email address.
  2. Your vehicle information.(Make, Model, Year etc.)
  3. Original purchase receipt(For warranty claims only, the receipt must with Company Name and Official Invoice/Receipt number)
  4. Pictures and/or video of the defect.(If any)
  5. Description of the problem.(If any)
  6. 7-digit Serial number from the original box or on the bottom of the shock.
  7. What kind of service are you requesting.(Rebuild, Repair, or Replacement Parts)


Step 3: We'll contact you for confirmation

Tech Staff will contact you regarding your request as soon as possible. We might ask you to provide more information regarding your issues. Please understand the more detailed information you can provide, the quicker it will be for NEO to process your request.


Step 4: Ship the parts to Neo

Ship the parts to NEO Motorsport repair facility. To avoid complications and problems, please make sure you contact NEO Motorsport BEFORE you send out your package.


Step 5: Inspection

Once NEO Motorsport receive your package, the product will be disassembled and inspected by our technician. Please allow up to 2 weeks to process.


Step 6: Inspection result

NEO Motorsport will contact you once the inspection is finished. We will provide detailed info on the problems we found, and also pricing info to the repairment and associated works. If the defect parts are under warranty, repair is free of charge.


Step 7: Repair

The repair work will be performed after the customer give us the permission. Only new parts will be used in all repair works performed at NEO Motorsport. However please understand small surface scratches are normal during assembling process.


Step 8: Ship the parts back to you

The repaired parts will be shipped back to you. Notification will be send out via email.


Terms and conditions

  1. NEO Motorsport offers 1-year warranty on the replacement coilover parts purchased from NEO Motorsport and NEO Motorsport authorized dealer.
  2. A $80 service fee will be charged to the customer for all non-warranty related repairs authorized and completed.
  3. NEO Motorsport warrants the shock absorbers to the original retail consumers against defects and workmanship when used on car applications under normal operating conditions.
  4. Proof of purchase is mandatory in order to receive warranty replacement. Original invoice from the Distributor or Dealer (with clear company title, official invoice number, kit model, customer name and purchase date) from which the product was purchased must accompany the product in question for warranty.
  5. Any NEO Motorsport products sold by retailers with invoice price below the the NEO Motorsport Minimum Advertised Price(MAP) without authorization from NEO Motorsport will not be covered under warranty.
  6. Products with missing or defaced serial number are not covered under warranty. Illegal copies, counterfeits, clones of our products are not covered under warranty and products will be seized and used as evidence in legal action against seller.
  7. NEO Motorsport is not responsible for any other associated cost for warranty claims(i.e. transportation cost, labor cost, etc.). The consumer will be responsible for the removal and shipping costs to the repair facility. Customer also is responsible for the shipping cost from the repair facility, if the repair works performed are not covered under warranty.
  8. This warranty does not apply to shocks that have been improperly installed and improperly adjusted. All product must have original parts fitted. Any modification or tampering with the original setup will not be covered under warranty.
  9. NEO Motorsport warranty does not cover shock absorbers that are to be used in abusive driving behavior, improper suspension geometry(including excessive camber / toe, improper ride-height), or any physical damage during racing and competitions.
  10. Exterior finish on all NEO products is not considered a valid warrantee; This warranty does not apply to any NEO product which has been modified, customized, painted, dented, rusted or improperly installed. Consumers are responsible for the maintenance of the products. 
  11. NEO Motorsport Coilover Shock Boots, Rubber Bushings are considered as wear and tear items, and excluded from any type of warranty. Exterior corrosions are also excruded from warranty. 
  12. NEO Motorsport or NEO Motorsport distributor and dealer have the right to refuse a warranty claim if procedures are not met by the original consumer. Exclusions from this warranty are the finish, dents, rust, or any condition caused by abnormal use or neglect. 
  13. NEO Motorsport reserves the right to change, modify, or discontinue the design of any products previously manufactured without assuming any obligation to the consumer. Any consumer who qualifies for warranty replacements of said discontinued product will only be allowed to receive new product which replaces the discontinued. We are not responsible for a pair of any product, if a single product has an issue.
  14. Products damaged from misuse and mistreatment of the product beyond the control of an authorize distributor or NEO Motorsport are not covered under warranty. 
  15. NEO Motorsport reserves the right to refuse any warranty claims if the sale price of the original purchase is below the NEO Motorsport's Minimum Advertised Pricing.
  16. NEO Motorsport reserves the right to refuse any and all warranty claims from any Distributor ,Dealer or Consumer, which has not purchased the original NEO product directly from NEO Motorsport. NEO Motorsport also reserves the right to refuse any Return Goods Authorization of said merchandise in which it is believed to be fraudulent or distressed merchandise not purchased originally from NEO Motorsport.
  17. NEO Motorsport reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.