NEO Motorsport manufactures high performance stopping systems for many popular vehicles used in Motorsport. Regardless of your platform we have solutions for Modern Muscle, Time attack, Drifting and all other forms of racing.  







Light Weight Compact Grabbing Power High Modulation Balanced Performance Maximum Heavyweight Stopping Force

In many cases we offer multiple options for a car to better suit the taste of the driver and the needs of the race series. 

For example Neo has disc brake conversion kits that can simply upgrade a completely stock vehicle to disc brakes. We also have brake kits that will increase the size of your rotors and the capacity of your entire braking system but may demand supporting modifications such as spacers or plus sized wheels. Don't worry, our most compact kit will fit easily in stock 15 inch wheels and typically requires no modification to the rest of vehicle. We also massive brake calipers that use 14 inch rotors and require high clearance 18 inch wheels for clearance of our 6 and 8 pot calipers.




Choosing between lines depends on your priorities. Lighter weight more compact brakes or higher modulation and heat dissipation. Is your ride a feather weight or do you need stoppers for larger cars with more mass? No matter what your needs may be, we have a system for you.



All of our brakes designed specifically for racing and including reliable strong mount kits that fit stock mount points. All of our suspension bolts into the stock locations and may even work with various aftermarket suspension systems and re engineered suspension dynamics. Please check our application guide or email us with any questions about kits for your car or truck.

When it comes to brakes bigger is often considered better. At NEO we also think it’s important to consider weight and efficiency when choosing parts. While installing the largest Big Brake kit possible seems to make sense, it is possible to achieve the same results with smaller kits that may help shave time off your laps by reducing unsprung weight and improving grip and traction. Thus allowing you to use more of your other performance gains from increased power to weight ratios and improved handling characteristics.

Every Neo Big Brake kit is designed to adhere to several fundamental technologies. High flow rotors help maximize cooling while our unique internal rotor design aides to promote air flow in the wheels. Combined with our corrosion proofing and high end materials these units have been engineered for a low maintenance and long life. Easily serviceable two piece calipers outperform soft metal mono blocks when observed under long workloads and endurance racing. Our multi density design uses stiffening fasteners that allow for maximum stiffness at all times during events that may last hours if not days.

We pair all these racing proven choices with the universal availability of replacement brake pads that can be found all over the world.

This makes sure that no one running NEO brakes is ever left without options in the arena they are competing in regardless of where on the globe they may be at the time.

As with all of our products, Neo brake products are engineered using OE design and engineering data and are reverse engineered to fit seamlessly into your build. We support our product and are here to assure that you have a seamless installation process and are able to setup our product to reach the performance that you expect from them. 

All our parts not only meet rigorous factory test standards but must also endure our NEO testing which puts wear and tear only found on racetracks on every kit we sell long before it is available to the public.

Our network of professional racers all assist us with endless research and development through their detailed feedback. Due to this incredible resource of data produced by race teams in all environments our products continue to improve every year.

To choose the best system for your car we recommend that you begin with the planned wheel size. Once we know what clearances are available we can review the available options. Once you know the maximum rotor diameter and caliper size available you can select the layout of pots within (4-6-8 depending on size) and select the brake kits that you feel will fulfill your requirements.

We ask our customers to politely pay special attention to their wheel choices as the inside of the barrel must clear all areas of the brake kits and suspension safely. If you aren’t sure about your wheels or tires and are worried about our brakes or suspension fitting your ride, call us directly and talk to a knowledgeable technician who can help to get just the brakes and suspension you deserve and who will make sure it will fit properly first try.


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