//Type DP [Dynamic Purple]

Engineered and best suited for premium vehicles and occasional track warrior.  The Type DP suspension system offers a balance of smooth ride quality with height adjustment ideal for daily commuting and connectivity to the road with damping adjustment for all road surfaces. Whether you're hitting the road for a cruise or gearing up for a lapping day at eh racetrack, the Type DP suspension will keep you grounded. 


  • Steel shock shell construction
  • Aluminum body construction
  • Twin-Tube internal design
  • 32-way damping adjustable (compression / bound)
  • Hardened rubber mount bushings
  • Large (25 mm) piston diameter
  • Spring preload adjustable
  • Fluorine-coated adjustment tube
  • Full-Length dust boots
  • Fully rebuild-able

 1-year manufacturer defect warranty.


Dp Dynamic Purple suspension adds Adjustable rebound to adjustable height, regular mounts are included with track proven hardened rubber mount bushings. By giving the driver the ability to change the valving within the shock rebound can now be dialed up to hard for track days and softened to take your grandmother on a sunday drive. These fully customizable suspension systems add a level of control over the ride while still working to reduce road noise and violent feedback in daily driven cars. Don’t misunderstand these are still motorsports parts focused on performance and will be a firmer ride than stock even in their stock settings.




** This product line has been discontinued.  Online store pricing is the clearance price. Only in-stock items will be listed.  Use Coupon Code "CLEARANCE" to receive an extra 10% Discount at check-out for an extended discount for Black Friday 2020.**

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