To balance the brake gained from front brake upgrade, we designed a rear caliper to match the front. Following our design concept of being rigid and lightweight, the R400 Series caliper provides a strong brake bite without offsetting the balance of the car.  The staggered brake pistons provide excellent controllability and even pad wear. Experience confident stopping power with direct pedal force and ease of use.

Product overview

-For road and racing use
-Made of solid aluminum alloy billet
-Titanium Pistons (optional) with inner multi-piston seals
-Available with the optional add-on module for electronic parking brake vehicles. 

Recommended For

Cup Racing / Club Racing / Rally Racing

Weight 1645~1686 grams  

Recommended Rotor Size: 330 - 356 mm.

Pad Area: 3710 mm²

Disc Depth: 430mm  

Piston Size: 28 mm + 32 mm = 2462 mm² total area per side (R404)

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