2nd Win For Kent Owens at NASA Great Lakes Region CMC Class!

Posted by Alex Li on

April 11, 2016

Photo credit Redline Photo @ redlinephoto.com

The second race weekend for the NASA Great Lakes region was a crossover event with NASA Central at Gateway Motorsports Park just across the river from St. Louis. The CMC field managed to find paddock space together in spite of the crowded conditions and some of us getting to the track a bit later on Friday. Through a combination of events (I’d like to think superior equipment and highly tuned skills……☺), the #30 managed to sweep all three races. The real story is that while the equipment may have been superior (thanks NEO Motorsports and #HawkPerformance), the rest of the CMC field spent the weekend chasing gremlins from broken exhaust systems to blown rear main seals. Hopefully the entire field will be in full song for the April 22-24 weekend at Mid-Ohio and we can get back to the zero-point-something finishes that happen more often than not in CMC.