Big Brake Kit for Mazda MX-5 (ND1/ND2)

通常価格 $2,479.00

The NEO Motorsport F400 brake upgrade is built for ultra-lightweight and to avoid adding more mass.  With a bigger brake package, weight is also added to the equation.  The F400 Series calipers are all forged aluminum constructed for ultimate stiffness and lightweight.  

NEO Motorsport F400 Big Brake Kit for MX-5 (ND1/2)
(2014-Present ) features -

  • Hot forged forming for better rigidity over cast forming
  • Lighter than steel caliper
  • Better cooling airflow with curved vane rotors
  • 32mm- thick rotor for durability
  • No exposed seals with dual inner seals. 
  • Fits under 17" wheels
  • Sport kit: Sport pads, traditional slot pattern, and anti-rattle hardware

The F400 Series caliper is available in a 4-pistons or 6-pistons layout.  The T6 tampered 6061 aluminum is forged, sized, and machined to minimize weight.  Stainless steel piston noses and anti-knockback springs are optional.  Pads are 17mm thick and the shape is shared with AP and Wilwood calipers (Hawk HB110, Pagid 1361, and PFC 7767). 

Rotors are 2-piece 330x32mm with a dimpled cross-drilled rotor. This is the biggest diameter rotor we can fit under 17" wheels application.  The 32mm thickness contains more than enough cooling capacity for these cars. The rotors also use curved pillar vane construction that is lighter and cools better than traditional straight vane designs. The curved pillar design uses aerodynamically-shaped posts inside the rotor that have more surface area for better cooling. 

We assemble and torque the brackets and calipers in Bolton, ON, Canada. 


Characteristic Value/Description
Disc Diameter 330mm (13.0")
Disc Thickness 32mm (1.26")
Disc Material Cast Iron, high carbon
Hat Coating E-Coating -- black high-temperature coating
Bracket Material Aerospace Grade Billet Aluminum
Caliper NEO Forged F400 Series radial mount.  Anodized finish
Number of Pistons 4/6 pistons, differential bores
Brake Pad Thickness 0.80 inch
Weight savings (rel to stock) 2.8 lbs
Min. Recommended Wheel Diameter 17 inch

Please download our wheel template to assure fitment 17" Wheel Fitment



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