FRONT 18" WHEEL FITMENT BIG BRAKE KIT - F500 Forged Calipers (356mm/14in Rotors)

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The NEO F500 Series caliper is a forged 2-piece caliper with a focus on providing controllable brake performance with  zero pad taper. This is done by using different piston sizes that’s carefully calculated and placed. The 500 Series caliper brake systems are focused mainly on offering the best stopping power and brake performance for large, heavyweight vehicles. This is the largest bodied caliper in the NOE Motorsport catalog.  


Product Overview
- Heavy Duty Construction
- For Racing Use
- Made from solid aluminum alloy billet
- Titanium pistons (optional) w/ inner multi-piston seals

Recommended For
GT-Class Race Car / Time Attack / High-Horsepower Street Cars

Weight 2816~2917 grams  

Recommended Rotor Size: 356-380mm.
Pad Area: 7734 mm²
Disc Depth: 56 mm  

Piston Size: 32mm + 36mm + 38mm (F501)







How to Order 
1. Select the number of pistons you like.
2. Click on Checkout
3. In the order notes, please specify your make and model 

** Please note, due to Covid-19 situations and also the Black Friday shopping rush, there is a 14~30 working day period to fulfill the order once it has been submitted.  All our kits are made to order to ensure the highest quality of excellence. **



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