Try Neo Motorsport Coilover systems on your vehicle and experience what many racers are referring to as the "Neo Advantage". We believe in our product and know that once dialed in perfectly you will be able to achieve just the ride you want to set better lap times and win more races. 

Components used in Neo Motorsports products are all of the highest quality as we aim to provide reliability, longevity and performance in real racing conditions. This method of over engineering every element of our system allows us to offer the same quality in parts used on the fastest track cars to all of our customers.





Height Adjustable Dynamic Dampers  Race Ready  Ultra Light

All parts that see larger stresses are machined from premium steel or high tech alloys that allow us to make the lightest and most durable top plates, mounts, adapters, brackets and accessories. Low impact high load areas such as locking rings and bearing cases are machined in ultra light forged aerospace aluminium.

Very few of our coilovers have ever needed to be rebuilt. Often outlasting the cars they are installed on, these unit are built so strong that unless they have seen a great deal of abuse or years of heavy racing use most of our customers enjoy years of service free use. In the case that any one corner fails we offer rebuilds and spare parts for anything that can be repaired without the need to revalve or recharge the shocks.

As we are located in Ontario Canada our winters provide an incredibly abusive and salty environment to test in on our daily driven cars and while we do offer coilover covers to extend the life of your new suspension we believe in our product holding up to just about anything. Combining these high quality components, ultra tight tolerances on all manufacturing processes and a great deal of attention to detail being paid during assembly we work hard to ensure that the shocks and calipers will not fail or leak under high stress and that your experience with Neo Motorsport is a good one.

Our coilovers are the top choice of many top drivers and top tuning shops and are only looking to expand their network of experience motorsport enthusiasts to better test and tune it’s own products long into the future. If you are looking for high performance racing suspension, contact us and let us help tell you what we think you need and you can  advise us exactly who you’d like to see the products selected suited to your setup based on your usage and budget.

At Neo Motorsport our focus is competitive driving and we want to help our customers to podium finishes in arena’s of all sorts. If you want to have your car professionally balanced and are interested in how we can help you to save seconds on every lap with better control systems placed at all four corners of your car. Our suspension is designed to work best with our lightweight brakes and wheel mounting accessories that will allow us to best take control of the forces that remove time under traction on tracks.

While all our products are focused on MOTORSPORT, we do have options available for street cars, trucks, off-road and competitive vehicles of all sorts. If you require the ability to be fine-tune your ride for various roads and are looking for parts you can rely on and a staff who will stand behind you in every turn cheering you on win or lose. then Neo Motorsport is for you.

At Neo our customers are not alone when they work for better lap times. We will put our vast experience behind their efforts helping them to decide what their next adjustment should be before testing so that they can save time in research and development and save time on race day. We want our customers to feel confident that our suspension systems will work in harmony with their parts to give them an advantage in any form of motorsport. 

The reliability and durability of these high coilovers is only matched by our excellent customer service. All of the products we have made come with LIFETIME online support. We offer service packages for all our products at reasonable costs and can also do custom valving, custom spring rates, newtonian fluid viscosity changes and a list of other customizations to our suspension systems.

Neo coilovers have been put through some of the toughest testing in the world. Endless shock dynos, Wear tests and data analysis has brought us to a point where we can say that our systems are better than anything else we’ve made before and exceed the industry standards in all areas of performance.

The passion for performance parts is strong at Neo motorsports. We do not stop providing quality parts to our customers worldwide as we know how important it is to them that they improve their lap times and strive to set personal bests every day. Everyone who works at Neo is also a car enthusiast. We a all addicted to horsepower, grip and and building performance race cars from the wheels up. We spend our weekends at the track and our nights in the garage, but we are here for our customers at all times!

Adjusting Neo Motorsports coilovers is as simple as the simple twist of a knob. Competitive drivers are constantly wishing that they had come to the track with another group of settings loaded into their management and suspension. At Neo we understand that fast changes of the dynamic elements of a car can mean the difference between winning and losing. Our customers are all enthusiasts that demand the ability to fine-tune their vehicle for every situation.

By learning how to use neo’s adjustable dampers in harmony with our race ready springs and mounts a driver can get almost any effect they want on the spot. By adjusting preload and rebound our dampers allow for independent adjustability of both the extension and compression strokes of our suspension. Even small changes can create results that lower lap times and help with launches, handling and other performance characteristics.

To deliver the absolute best in Track Tested suspension and an unmatched driving experience, our tuners have been working for years to combine the latest technology with the best materials available to man. Our painstaking process has made a tangible difference which can be seen in the improving time slips of all our customers. At Neo we know how it feels to be the driver. While you might be alone in the cockpit, you will never be alone in pit lane. To  deliver on this promise of support our team is online daily answering questions from race teams world wide and do our best to see that all of our high-performance sport suspension is performing at their peak. If you are only looking to adjust ride height or if you have much larger goals including trophies and sponsors all our products undergo the same rigorous testing program. We scrutinize every part looking to find the equilibrium between being light and being strong. We aim to offer luxurious fully featured products that remain inexpensive when compared to their competition.

 We work hard to find the ideal balance and this culminates in driving characteristics of any car being improved vastly. Having tested a wide variety of vehicles under various conditions both in canada and worldwide we believe we make some of the best suspension components on earth and now that we’ve found that NEO formula, only the best are allowed to bear the mark of NEO MOTORSPORTS.