Rebate Program


Rebate Details

Customers who submit an install write up on a public forum or an installation videos of their modified vehicle on NEO Motorsport products will be entitled to receive $100 USD rebate. The purpose of these install write ups and/or videos is to share the experience with other potential users and to build an user community to help better improve the products.  The published install write up and/or video will be used on NEO Motorsport's website and social media pages to share with other enthusiasts. The following are the guidelines to submit your write-up or video.

• Write-ups must be public and searchable through major search engines.
• Write-ups can be done in Facebook but the post must be public with a relative link.
• Videos can be taken with any digital camera or a rear facing cellphone camera.
• The camera should held horizontally and remain steady and properly pointed.
• The videos can be recorded in any language.  
• The videos should the before and after of the installed product and explain the installation process in your own natural words.
• The videos may be sent to us in an unedited format and we will do the editing.
• The write-up and/or video must be approved by NEO Motorsport in order for the write-up or video is considered valid for a rebate.
• Each kit is entitled to one rebate.  Formal receipt from reseller must be submitted with the video to receive the rebate and cannot be used again. 

By submitting your videos you authorize NEO Motorsport America Inc. to post on its website and social media pages to demonstrate the user experience. For more info email us at