F403 Enduro Caliper

F403 Enduro Caliper


F403 Enduro Caliper from NEO Motorsport.

The NEO Motorsport F403 Enduro Caliper is intended specifically for Endurance races, is the first caliper designed by NEO with a 24 hours event in mind.

NEO Motorsport is offering individuals and teams a product which embodies the most innovative concepts applied in the field of four-wheel competition that pushes products to the most extreme of conditions. 

Created by utilizing advanced computer-assisted design and manufacturing methods, we are able to test our new caliper in both simulated situation as well as on track conditions. 

This particular caliper stands out among competitors for its superior technical construction and piston design. It is designed with stiffness and lightness of the body as the top priority. The trick retainer clip holds the pad securely in the caliper without binding for smooth peddle modulation.  In addition, the external profile of the caliper has been studied in detail in order to avoid complications with wheel interference. Another enhancement is reflected in the geometry of the internal fluid passage which is designed to maximize the fluid flow for immediate brake response.  

Carefully calculated piston volume optimize the modulation character in the caliper. The confidence this caliper delivers allows different drivers to push the same vehicle to its full limit when braking into the corner turn after turn, lap after lap. 

The main technical specifications of the new NEO F403 Enduro caliper:
- Super Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy
- CNC machined
- Optimized performance, stiffness, and lightness
- Titanium pistons