Dual vs Mono tube

Dual tube shocks are used in all our lines to preserve the maximum length of throw from the strut. As we use thick urethane mounts that prevent noise and improve ride it’s important that preserve as much height adjustability as possible. Each kit is internally valved to order and with regard being paid to the specific spring rates that are being installed on the application. We use shocks that are nitrogen charged with proprietary viscosity oil to provide the ride quality and handling desired by the customer. Every shock is individually tested before leaving our facility to prevent any issues coming to your attention during install. Our shocks use top of the line bearing in all mounts and only the best seals that have been comparison tested to provide unbelievably long wear periods before ever leaking.

While a lot of our competitors will try to convince you that Monotube suspension is superior due to larger seals the reality is that you feel every bump due to short shock travel and lower oil capacity. While there are circumstances in which inverted Monotube suspension allows a company to place their reservoirs at the top of the strut which saves space in the wheels. 


Monotube VS Twin-Tube Shock Body 

Mono Tube Shock BodyTwin-Tube Shock Body

What they don’t tell you is that there is a higher likelihood of failure as the tops will be under constant outward pressure. We have found ways to save weight at the wheels without being forced to use pressurized shocks. This results in the same shock dyno readings but makes these systems easier to rebuild and less likely to fail. Twin tube design promotes stable and predictable dampening forces will occur as there is a larger oil capacity and less unnecessary pressure.

Try both back to back and you’ll find that you have more travel and less variation of reaction in dual tube suspension when compared to a monotube of the same quality. Weight savings of up to 2kg per shock is available by switching to all aluminum without being forced to compromise on throw. Check out our Type AA line now