[Type AA] All Aluminum Coilover


Experience the feeling of LIGHTNESS with Type AA coilover suspension from NEO Motorsport.

The composition of lightweight material and heavy duty durable parts results in the feelings of outstanding quality, improved traction, and comfort. The Type-AA coilovers were developed by NEO with the weather in mind. A full aluminum body construction prevents corrosion from occurring from traditional steel body coilovers. It is the perfect suspension for demographics where salt is used in the winter time and severe weather is a problem in the prolonging of the components. Each Type-AA Kit is consist of spherical bearing upper mount (camber adjustable on McPhearson Strut type suspension), Polymer formed bump stop, optional Eibach or Hypercoil springs, optional helper springs, and high-grade aluminum lower mounts. 




  • 32 position damper adjustment (fixed compression, adjustable tension) Linear Digressive Shock Piston for all-around performance
  • Ultra-Light Weight
  • Japanese High-Grade Synthetic Shock Oil
  • Heavy-Duty Spherical Bearing 
  • 90% Aerospace Grade Aluminium alloy construction (shock mounts, shock body, spring adjusters) 
  • Twin-Tube Design 

    Linear sho
    cks were the next big advance in shock technology.

    As shaft velocity increases, damping forces increase at a linear rate. On a shock dyno graph both compression and rebound damping appear as approximately straight lines diverging from each other as shaft velocity (or force exerted on the shock) increases. This style of shock has been a boon for racers because it allows increased control at lower shaft speeds, which is vital for controlling a race car through the corners.

    AA Advanced Aluminum full race suspension offers all features on our other suspension while shedding 2kg’s per corner on average.

    By using hybrid alloys and lightweight metals to create a strong and durable suspension solution that doesn’t compromise anywhere and lowers your track times as well as your ride height. If you want the best, look no further, these are for you. Threading on aluminum is more clean-cut and deeper. All Aluminum body and perches included and our best Spherical Bearing upper, buried deep in dampening rubber designed to give endless support to your race career.