Mr. Owens Show Up To Race... And This Is What Happened....

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11 July, 2016

Is there anything better than being at the track on a beautiful summer Sunday? Yes there

is…. getting into a car to duke it out with a dozen “CMC Crazies” is way better than just

being there, and this last weekend at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet IL just proved the

point. It helps when you get a sweep, and seeing the new ‘kids’ bring down their lap

times and race the heck out of us old dogs was just icing on the cake. The high point of

the weekend was the race 1 battle with CMC legend Bob Denton in the #67 Firebird. I

held him off by 0.6 at the line, but the race itself was actually way closer than the 0.6

shows. Right up there with the race 1 win was watching John Kelchen hold P1 in the #45

Camaro for a good portion of race 3. Had he not made a slight mistake in T8 I’m not

sure Dave Algozine (#12 Camaro) and I would have gotten by him. Nice drive John!

All in all it was another stellar showing for NASA Great Lakes and the CMC crew in

particular. Watching the class grow is a testament to how fun these cars are to drive, and

how economical it can be to get and keep one on track. It helps when you have support

from great companies like NEO Motorsports, Hawk Performance ( #hawkperformance ),

and Toyo Tires. Next up for us is a return visit to Gingerman Raceway in South Haven

Michigan August 6-7. Grab a tent and a marshmallow and come on out and join us for

NASA “Summer Camp”.


Check out this video captured during the race. 

Race 1 Results 

Race 1 NASA CMC Autobahn Country Club

Race 1 NASA CMC Race Autobahn Country Club


Race 2 Results

NASA CMC Autobahn Race 2 Results


Race 3 Result

Race 3 NASA CMC Autobahn Country Club