Season Wraps Up For Kent Owens.

Posted by Wei Chih Lin on

National Corvette Museum
23 Oct, 2016
by: Kent Owens

The NASA Great Lakes region 2016 race season ended at NCM this last weekend with a second place and another win for the #30 CMC Trans Am. Rather than recap the races, I wanted to take a minute to thank our contingency sponsors. For those of us who race at the amateur level, the support we get from the companies that work with NASA to provide cash and product in many instances mean the difference between racing, and not racing. Not only do the companies who work with NASA keep many of us on the track, they also give us something tangible to race for and allow us, if only just for a day, to feel like this is more than just a hobby. I am particularly grateful to:

NEO Motorsports. I was fortunate enough to be a brand ambassador for NEO this season, and I am proud that they chose me to ‘carry the flag’. I look forward to a continuing relationship between NEO Motorsports and NASA as they provide top quality service and a brake package that is second to none. 

Toyo Tires. As the flagship sponsor for NASA, Toyo tires, and the contingency package they have put together for every race class, is the key foundation that allows most of us to race at a ‘pro’ level. Recently, Toyo tires radically increased their contingency support, and I can tell you from first hand experience it made a HUGE impact on our race group, and NASA in general. Thank you Toyo!

Hawk Performance. Another key partner with NASA who has gone over and above to make it easy for us racers to use their product. And why not? For many years Hawk pads have been the ‘whoa down’ that allow the ‘go fast’ to….go fast! Hawk performance also has superior ‘racer’ service, and are always quick to answer questions and offer suggestions.

I personally also need to give ‘props’ to Winding Road Racing, Frozen Rotors, and Frisby Race Tire. Winding Road and Frozen Rotors are NASA contingency sponsors who offer product discounts to all NASA racers, and Eric at Frisby Race Tire has always been my ‘no questions asked gotta have ‘em tomorrow’ go-to tire guy. There are many more companies that work with NASA to provide support for all of us who pursue this crazy sport, and we couldn’t do what we do without them. Thank you for a great 2016 season, and I look forward to another great year in 2017!