NEO Motorsport



at NEO Motorsport, we provide braking solution for Time Attack, Lapping Days, and All Out Racing.


" Making the switch to NEO-Motorsport brakes was one of the best decisions we've made and it was one of the contributing factors in how well our car performed last season. The quality of their products, the technical expertise they offer and the confidence their products inspire helped us go faster, win more races and break more records."   Chris Boersma GTA Time Attack Record Holder

NEO Motorsport’s value ‘the continuous research of the ultimate performance’ continues through the company with contemporary design that is constantly evolving, and new applications always being added. To keep quality levels at a constant high NEO Motorsport is TUV approved whilst the factory complies with UNI EN IS0


  • Twin-Seal System

    Internally designed dust and contaminant seal ensure no rips and avoids direct exposure to the heat source and foreign material.

  • Ventilated Pistons

    Designed to dissipate heat as quickly as possible and minimal contact area between pad and piston for minimal conduction heat and maximum air flow.

  • Forged Billet Caliper

    Ultra tough two piece caliper design for minimal deflection under heavy loads.

  • Radial Mount Brackets

    Made from ductile iron with 80,000psi tensile strength for maximum strength and minimum deflection over aluminum brackets.

  • Staggered Piston Design

    Uniquely configurated pistons that generates high clamping force with balanced load for even pad wear

  • Stressed Analyzed Caliper Design

    Ultra tough two piece caliper design for minimal deflection under heavy loads.